# Introduction

# The Project

The "Biospeleological Register" is a joint project of the German Speleological Society (Verband der deutschen Höhlen- und Karstforscher e. V. - VdHK) and the Hesse Federation for Cave and Karst Research (Landesverband für Höhlen- und Karstforschung Hessen e. V.).

The aim is to collect all zoological data recorded in Germany from caves, artificial cavities (e.g. mine tunnels, rock cellars) and groundwater-dependent ecosystems (e.g. springs) in a database under the leadership of the Department of Biospeleology of the VdHK. In addition, the important parameters for the assessment of caves and monitoring based on the European Habitats Directive (FFH) can be recorded with regard to habitat type 8310 (caves not open to the public).

# The App

In order to create the foundation for a uniform recording of the German cave and groundwater fauna, as well as the assessment of the condition of a cave, "CaveLife - App for (bio)speleological assessment" was developed. The app can be used on site to record all the necessary general data on the caves surveyed and all animal groups and species (taxa) that can be directly identified by visual observation. In the case of natural caves, an additional assessment according to the European Habitats Directive of the habitat structures and threads can be made.


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