# Why can't the app be installed via the browser as described?

Depending on the operating system, the app can only be installed with certain browsers. On Android, it is strongly recommended to use the Chrome browser for installation. Pre-installed browsers from the manufacturer (e.g. Samsung Internet Browser) cannot install the app at the moment or can only install it partially. For iOS (Apple), the app can only be installed using Safari.

# When starting the app, a message is displayed that the browser used is not up to date, even though the latest version of the browser is installed. What can I do to use the app again?

A common reason that this message is displayed is a corrupted website cache that occurred when updating the browser or the app. To correct the error, the website cache for the cavelife.app website must be deleted in the system settings of the smartphone. The data recorded so far will not be lost and will still be available in the app.

Below you will find detailed instructions on how to delete the website cache for various operating systems:

# Android

  1. Open System Settings
  2. Click on "Apps & Notifications
  3. Select the app "CaveLife"
  4. Click on "Memory"
  5. Click on "Clear Cache" to clear the corrupted website cache.
  6. Restart CaveLife

# iOS (Apple)

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Click on "Safari"
  3. Click on "Advanced" at the bottom of the Safari settings.
  4. Click on "Website Data"
  5. Either specifically delete the data of the "cavelife.app" entry or select "Remove all website data".
  6. Restart CaveLife

# Why does the GPS for recording coordinates not work under iOS (Apple)?

Since Apple does not provide separate permissions for installed web apps, the location services for the "Safari" app must first be activated in the system settings to capture the coordinates with the iPhone or iPad.

# Why does the geodata in the result protocol differ from the actual conditions on site?

The geodata in the results protocol are automatically determined from the available geographical shapes of various authorities. We regularly try to keep the geodata up to date. If the geodata still differs, it is usually because the shapes are not accurate to within a few metres or because the wrong coordinates were entered manually in the app.