# Result Protocol

All recorded data is made available in a result protocol as a pdf document (or alternatively in JSON format). For this, the respective object must be finished. If coordinates were determined by GPS or entered during the recording, the data in the result protocol are supplemented by various cadastral-relevant data. These data are automatically determined from the geographic information system (GIS) of the bio-palaeological register.

In detail, the following data are supplemented in the result protocol, as far as information on them is available:

Information on geography:

  • Topo 1:25.000 Map Sheet.
  • Federal state 1)
  • Administrative district 1)
  • County 1)
  • Commune 1)
  • Natural region 2)
  • Large-scale landscape 2)
  • Altitude above NHN [m] 1)

Information on conservation areas:

  • Natura 2000 site type (habitat site, bird reserve) 3)
  • National park 2)
  • Biosphere reserve 2)
  • Nature park 2)

Information on geology: 4)

  • Stratigraphic age
  • Lithostratigraphic formation
  • Petrographic content
  • Complete petrographic content

Information on hydrology/aquifers: 5).

  • Hydrogeological unit
  • Rock type
  • Hardening
  • Cavity type
  • Geochemical rock type
  • Permeability [m/s]
  • Aquifer character

1) Data determination based on GeoBasis-DE / BKG 2019
2) Data determination based on data from the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN), 2017 & 2019
3) Data determination based on the GIS data of the European Environment Agency (EEA)
4) Data determination based on GÜK250 of the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (https://www.bgr.bund.de/)
5) Data determination based on HÜK200 of the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (https://www.bgr.bund.de/)